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Cumulus web is a safari web browser with extensions designed for the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. The extensions allow users to extend the functionality of the device they are using and take better advantage of Plex. Basic features for Cumulus Web:

  • Default Username and Company Code
  • Finger Print Sensor for logging in
  • 3D touch to launch top 4 Plex Customers
  • Support of Popup Windows

Advanced features include:

  • ZPL Label printing


Basic features are included with the app at the time of download from the Apple App Store. Support for these features is limited to this documentation and additional links, documents or videos listed alongside this document. Pricing for advanced features, support and even implementation can be provided by Cumulus Consulting LLC. For more information or an estimate on pricing please download our web extension for Google Chrome. Our application store is accessible from the “About Cumulus Web” tab in our options screen.

ZPL Printing Requirements

  • Module activation in Test and Production
  • Proper configuration of device per settings below
  • ZPL Labels to print (HTML labels are not supported)

Plex Settings

Basic features of Cumulus Web do not require any additional configuration on the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. Advanced features require module activation for use on test or production servers. Please note that advanced features have been activated for all customers (regardless of partnerships with Cumulus) on the test environment. To use advanced features on Production Plex users must be authorized access to a Vision Plex screen called “Cumulus Web iOS” with a screen key of 34496. This screen is part of the module “Cumulus Web iOS”

iOS Settings

iOS settings can be found by running the settings application on you Apple device. To quickly find that application swipe down from the middle of your home screen and type in “settings” to search for it. Cumulus Web will be an option in one of the sections (typically the last section with other 3rd party applications) If you cannot find the iOS settings application and your search results do not return a link to it you most likely don’t have access to modify settings on that device. iOS Settings include:

Cellular Data

If you have this installed on a mobile device with access to a cellular network this setting can prevent it from consuming data from your cellular plan.


  • Username
    • The username to populate the login screen with
  • Company Code
    • The company code to populate the login screen with
  • Authentication
    • Manual – forces user to type in password each time
    • Pin – not yet enabled
    • Finger Print – Securely stores the user’s password on the device after a successful login attempt and uses that password for any registered finger prints on that device


  • Platform
    • Full Plex – Navigates users to
    • Plant Floor – Navigates users to
  • Always On
    • For performance reasons this setting will allow users to release memory from their existing web browser view and create a new one every 45 page loads. This setting was intended to get around a well-known memory leak with Apple’s keyboard and is recommended for users running the Control Panel.
  • Connection Type
    • Production – Navigates users to the production URL for the Platform
    • Test – Navigates users to the test URL for the Platform
  • Allow Auto Focus
    • Safari browsers by default do not allow Javascript to auto focus on fields. This setting will override that option and provide users with auto focus on all Plex screens. Ex: badging in/out on the control panel as well as the Source field.

ZPL Configuration

  • ZPL Printing Mode
    • Off – No printing will happen
    • Plex Only – When requests are made the application will look for a configured physical printer, if your print request includes an IP address the application will use it exclusively, if one is not provided the print command will not happen. Please note: Some Plex screens do not use the Port defined for your printers in Plex. For this reason, if we cannot find a port from Plex our app will still try to print with the port from iOS settings.
    • Settings Only – All requests will be directed to the IP address and port defined in the iOS settings. Think of it as a default printer.
    • Both – If Plex provides a printer configuration our app will use it (ex: control panel) if the screen requesting a print doesn’t provide a configuration iOS settings will be used (ex: Label Library)
  • IP Address
    • An IP address assigned to a particular printer, typically you can find this on the LCD screen of the printer, a sticker on the side of it, or documentation provided by your IT department.
  • Port
    • The port of the printer. The port doesn’t flash on the LCD screen of most common Zebra printers, to be sure you get the right port navigate into the printer settings menu and network configuration.
  • ZPL Encoding Mode
    • UTF8 by default however other encodings are support for custom applications. All Plex labels are currently using UTF8.

Troubleshooting Logging In

I cannot login to Plex

The login screen is the same as traditional Plex. Verify your username, password and company code by removing any values from the credentials and typing them all into the login screen. If you cannot login to Plex on your device or even a browser, please contact your Plex Champion for more help.

My password is incorrect

If you are in the process of changing your Plex password and utilize Pin or Finger Print authentication you will be asked to re-enter your password after attempting to authenticate. Once you successfully login you will not need to provide it again if you use Pin or Finger Print authentication.

Troubleshooting Advanced Feature Access

I cannot access advanced features

Module activation is required for Production Access

A specific user cannot access advanced features

Users need access to the Vision Plex module and screen key 34496

Troubleshooting ZPL Printing

I cannot print

  • Verify module activation in your current PCN
  • Configure settings to a local printer and print a basic ZPL label from the Label Library Screen

I cannot print specific labels

  • Some older labels are in HTML format
    • the application will provide a detailed message regarding the reason but most likely a configuration change will need to take place to utilize a ZPL format.
  • Some less used screens need additional configuration
    • Verify that the label you are trying to print from a specific screen can print from the label library
    • Contact Cumulus with the specific screen, configurations and instructions so we may update our application

I cannot print to a printer

  • Check your settings in iOS. Off prevents all printing and Plex Only requires additional setup within Plex.
  • Check your Port, 9100 typically isn’t a port some users confuse the Port setting on a printer with the Baud Rate. Check your Network settings on the printer and verify the IP and Port.

Nothing happens when I print (no messages)

Check your setting “ZPL Notification Mode”

Too many messages (every time I print)

Check your setting “ZPL Notification Mode”

Text based data is on a single line bleeding over onto barcodes

Check your setting “Decode Carriage Returns” it must be On

Troubleshooting General Use

Pages like the control panel do not auto focus

Check your setting “Allow Auto Focus” it must be Yes

Application becomes slow or sluggish after extended use

Check your setting “Always On” it must be Yes

Advanced connection testing with Zebra App

Our customers have a wide range of printers, networks and configurations that vary from our own test cases. As a result, issues printing in different environments (while possible) may not work without small changes on our end. Occasionally additional testing may be required to help us make those changes, below are instructions on how to install Zebra’s utility application and perform a simple test taking. Some customers have reported issues printing across subnets within their own network. They have also reported that running this application once on new devices resolves the underlying issue.

  1. Install the application through Apple’s App Store, simply search for “Zebra Utilities”
  2. Once installed tap “No Printer Selected” on the bottom of the screen.
  3. Zebra will browse your network, if your printer is properly configured it will come up. Choose the printer you wish to test with.
  4. From the main screen choose “Files”
  5. Under “Formats” pick “4x6.zpl”
  6. Click print in the upper right corner of the application
  7. Once a label successfully prints, try the Cumulus Web Again. If problems continue please work with Cumulus Consulting LLC directly to resolve this issue.

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