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Cumulus Web is Cumulus Consulting's flagship browser extension, available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Installing Cumulus Web

Getting the Cumulus Web extension is simple:

  • Google Chrome: Simply search for "Cumulus Web" in the Chrome web store or use this link, and click "Add to Chrome".
  • Mozilla Firefox: Simply search for "Cumulus Web" in the store or use this link, and click "Add to Firefox".

You'll see the Cumulus Web icon appear in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen:

Getting Cumulus Web 01.png

You can click the icon to pop open a dialog with quick links to the Production and Test environments, as well as the Cumulus Web options dialog:

Getting Cumulus Web 02.png


Cumulus Web features are broken up into functional areas. Each area will represent a specific tab in our Cumulus Web Configuration Screen. These features are bundled into subscription-based packages - read more here.



Control Panel

Dev Tools








About Cumulus Web

Visual Label Designer

Upload Framework

To see more details on what changes are made with each updated version of Cumulus Web, you can view the change log here.

Enterprise Administration

Cumulus Web offers several methods for remote installation and configuration, simplifying the task of deploying Cumulus Web across your enterprise. For more information, see Cumulus Web Enterprise Administration.

Cumulus Web Beta

The Cumulus Web Beta is a separate extension from the production version.  The primary difference between the beta and production versions is the rate of deployment. On the production version, a new update is released weekly which contains all the development items which are deemed ready to be released to the public.  On the beta extension, deployments happen as soon as a development item is code-complete, but not necessarily tested to full satisfaction. For that reason, the beta branch code should not be used in production environments unless users and administrators fully understand the risk.

The purpose of the beta branch is to get more eyes on plugin development items before they are released to the production environment.  If you are running the beta and encounter behavior which seems unusual or unexpected, please use the Cumulus Web Help form to tell us what behavior you’re seeing.  Be sure to include the version number of the extension at the time you encountered the bug. We’ll contact you for more info if we need it.  Thank you in advance!

Getting the Beta

If you’ve already installed the production version of the plugin, go to your extensions page and disable the production version.  Having both versions running at once will break most of the functionality in the extension. If you’d like, you can easily switch back to the production version by disabling the beta and re-enabling the production version using the same approach.

  • Chrome: chrome://extensions or Menu > Settings > Extensions – uncheck the box next to the extension
  • Firefox: about:addons or Menu > Add-ons – click “Disable” next to the add-on
To install the beta extension, simply navigate to the add-on page for the beta extension and click the Add button!

That’s it – you’re running the beta!  Since we deploy changes to the beta very often – typically several times a day – we recommend turning on the “Immediate Update” setting in the Administrative tab.  This will automatically update your plugin when new versions are available, rather than prompting and waiting.

Immediate Update setting.